21st Century Community Learning Center Afterschool Programs

Providing families with no-cost afternoon programming that is educational, enriching, nurturing, and enjoyable, and which helps each student identify and remove the barriers which prevent him or her from succeeding academically, socially, or behaviorally.

One full-time student support specialist leads a team of part-time Afterschool instructors at a holistic, school-based 21st CCLC program  at Grove Elementary serving 2nd-5th graders

Programming operates approximately (32) weeks per school year, (40 weeks in the summer, and offers (12-15) hours of expanded learning opportunities to an average of 50 students.

Homework Assistance is paired with Mini-Lessons to review important school-day concepts.

Hands-on Academic Enrichment – Project-Based Learning, experiential lessons based on SC Curriculum Standards, Reading Buddies, free-choice learning centers, personalized computer lab instruction, entrepreneurial education and career explorations, Quality Tools to assess growth and celebrate “all-time bests,”and much more!

Intensive Behavior Modification – all staff members are trained to use Behavior Modification, specific teaching language, and a token economy to teach students appropriate alternatives to inappropriate behaviors. Based on the Teaching Family Model, Discipline with Love & Logic, and A Framework for Understanding Poverty.

Incentive Programs – to encourage students to make good grades, to remind them of the rules, to motivate them to make wise choices, and to reward them for doing their best academically, behaviorally, and socially.

Service Learning Projects – to teach the value of giving back to the community and the joy of helping others (fund-raising and walking in the March of Dimes Walk For Babies, Adopt-A-Grandparent at local assisted living facilities, delivering Meals on Wheels, school beautification, etc.).

Extra-Curricular Activities – to experience positive forms of recreation and to develop hobbies and skills.  Examples include: tennis lessons, yoga classes, ZUMBA, photography, scrapbooking, gardening, the arts, dance, etc.

Family Involvement Activities – to empower parents as the leaders in their family, to build social connections between parents in the program, to increase communication between parents and their children, and to improve the relationship between families and their child’s school. Monthly activities include: national Lights On Afterschool event, family field trips, family dinners, guest speakers, family art projects, and student programs.