Duncan Chapel

Program Description

Communities In Schools Afterschool program has been at Duncan Chapel since 2006 serving 45 students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades each year.  The program meets Monday through Thursday from 2:30-5pm.  Students receive a snack, assistance with their homework, engaging/hands on academic enrichment activities, and physical exercise daily. This program is funded through the United Way of Greenville.

Community Partners

Our program participated in two successful service learning projects during the past school year.  First, our students donated vegetables they had grown to a local homeless shelter, TriuneMercyCenter.  Students learned about the life cycle of plants as they planted and cared for their own organic garden.  Students also collected some money to help purchase salad dressing for the shelter. Second, our students participated in a project focused on the military and their families.  Students created various projects, wrote letters to active soldiers and collected money to purchase stockings for a soldier and his family.  Students shared their projects at our Military Celebration where teachers, parents, community members and an active soldier’s wife attended.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church provides dinner and volunteers for each Family Night.  CIS Afterschool has family nights every other month which may include a family dinner, fun family games or a craft project to build communication, and a guest speaker or family field trip.

Furman University America Reads tutors work individually as reading buddies with Afterschool participants.

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