Our Work In Schools

Our evidence-based approach, adapted to meet each community’s unique needs, is the basis for our success. Many children face challenges both inside and outside the classroom.

Under the leadership of school-based Student Support Specialists, Communities In Schools strategically aligns and delivers needed resources so that students can focus on learning.

Communities In Schools was founded on the concept that students can and will achieve academically, when resources to address their academic and social service needs are tailored, coordinated and accessible.

That premise has evolved into what we now call community-based, integrated student support services, which are interventions that improve student achievement by connecting community resources with both the academic and social service needs of students.

Our student support specialists fill pivotal roles as the personalized point of contact working inside the school building to provide integrated student and family services.

Student support specialists connect students and families with community partners and resources that address both academic and nonacademic needs.

Tiered Support Examples by Service Category