Strengthening Families Program

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is funded by Children’s Trust of South Carolina and provides a unique opportunity for entire families to grow and learn together in a safe environment. The program introduces new ideas on discipline, communication, and strengthening family bonds, and empowers families to figure out what works for them.

Communities In Schools offers SFP in their existing elementay school sites on a rotating basis. Enrolled families are invited to come once per week for 14 weeks to learn new skills and spend quality time together. On program nights, the participants share a meal and then parents and children split into their respective groups for instruction and discussion. After group time, parents and children reunite for family engagement activities that reinforce the skills they’ve learned. After 14 weeks, the families are rewarded for their hard work with a graduation celebration.

Like everything we offer through our organization, the program is free.  It also offers incentives like gas cards, childcare for younger kids, household items and other prizes. Success stories are abundant and families report major improvements in family dynamics. They hate when their time with the program ends, but leave with lasting new friendships and enthusiasm for their family’s future.   


Brooke Yearwood is the SFP Coordinator.